Sarah Clark.

I’m currently studying Economics and Politics at Queens University, so I’m like super into calculus and benevolent dictatorships. Outside of school, I’m passionate about exploring new places and embracing different cultures, taking photos with my Fuji XE-3, and sucking the lemon out of every day. I’m also a total foodie and I love learning new skills and seeing people connect over shared interests. Some of my favourite things include beating my family at scrabble, trying not to cry while watching Olympics documentaries, and eating hummus.


Sammy McLean.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and talking way too much about my brief, but intense, historical obsessions (it’s no joke, after studying the Civil War I spoke in a Southern accent for a week). I also have an undying passion for the Boston Bruins, which people typically discover within the first ten minutes of speaking to me. I’m currently majoring in Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario while pursuing a minor in History and loving every minute of it… except for the fact that they make me write 14 essays a week. I love traveling, I talk about my friends and family way too much because I am a #proudmom and I scare my housemates with the insanely large number of movies I have seen in my short life. I’m inspired by people who never shut up about their interests and I hope I live on a boat one day.