Nepal #11: Nagarkot, Bhaktapur and Back to Kathmandu


We woke up in our little green hut this morning after having a very luxurious post-insect apocalypse sleep. We woke up around 6 and headed up to the patio. We planned to catch a bus down the mountain at around 11, so we ordered our usual tea, coffee and toast and hung out reading until it was time to check-out. All in, our dinner, breakfast and night stay cost us a whopping $15 each which is so nuts considering we both agreed the hostel was one of the nicest places we had ever stayed. 

We were sad to leave but packed up our things and walked into town to catch the bus from Nagarkot into Bhaktapur, a village located at the foot of the mountain where Diti had arranged to meet us. 

The bus was basically a tin can, and recalling the bumpy ride we experienced on our way up the mountain, we knew we were in for a special treat on the way down. Panic set in for Sam a little bit as the bus doors closed so she texted everyone she loved telling them she was about to be driven off a cliff. It was definitely bumpy, but the ride actually ended up being okay because we stopped every 500 meters to pick up the locals waiting on the side of the road to catch a lift into town.

We got in to Bhaktapur after about an hour and the little town was crazy busy, so we refused to move from the bus stop until Diti came to find us. Thankfully he didn’t take too long to locate the two blond girls wearing backpacks larger than their bodies. Diti helped us with our bags and we hopped in the taxi. 

We assumed we would just be going back to Kathmandu, but Diti told us that since Bhaktapur is a very historic town he wanted to show us around. He had also brought a girl called Sally with him, who had been volunteering at the monastery the week before we started, and had just returned from trekking Everest base camp. It was really nice to meet Sally and hear about her experience teaching the monks, as well as her trip to base camp.


 Diti took us to the central square of Bhaktapur where we each had to pay a 1500 Rupee ($15 dollar!) entrance fee. We weren’t happy AT ALL but rationalized it a little by the fact that our breakfast had been a collective $2.50. Once we got inside, the square was actually pretty sick, full of old temples and interesting artifacts. Bhaktapur is famous for its pottery, and we got to watch a man making clay pots which for two gals who can't tie-die shirts was pretty mesmerizing.


After our tour, we took a really nice group photo. Here’s us, Sally, Diti and a man we don’t know. He just really wanted in on the photo and insisted on taking some on his own phone too.I wasn’t sure how to pose with our new friend, so I look like a small yellow penguin with my flippers tied to my sides. Overall an excellent dynamic. We got back into the taxi and drove back to Kathmandu. The ride was long because of the stand-still traffic but we were entertained by the two guys who decided to throw it down right outside our window! Our taxi driver explained that they were fighting because one of them had gotten off the bus without paying. Wont be attempting that one any time soon unless we’re both wearing really sturdy running shoes.

After we got back to our homestay, we hurried over to the monastery for class. Today we taught tenses and then attempted to teach the monks how to play Ninja. Turns out the monks were more interested in acting out imaginary ninja fight scenes than playing the game, so we decided to just go with the flow and join in.

After class we headed home, had dinner and talked to our mums because its Mother’s Day!! Sam and I just want to give Katie and Gill a little shout-out to tell them that 75% of our daily conversations revolve around how we feel like the luckiest girls in the world to have such amazing, inspirational boss-lady mums like Katie and Gill. Not only are they our best friends, but they’re real-life BFFS with each other and we love seeing them love and support each other just like how they each love and support us! You guys are the greatest, thanks for letting us go on this trip and we can’t wait to tell you about the moments too embarrassing for the blog over a bottle of Pinot when we’re home <3


Sarah Clark