Nepal #10: Sarah Almost Fought the Waiter


We woke up while the sun was rising after our first night in Nagarkot. The lady from the night before made a brief attempt at breaking and entering again but gave up quite quickly and no further confrontation was needed. We packed up the room, ate a couple of pringles, and headed out to explore the village. We found a hiking trail through the jungle and made it approximately 200m down the path when we realized that neither of us were actually that interested in getting attacked by leopards, so we headed back to the main road in search of a shorter and safer trail. We ended up walking down a road for awhile where we stumbled on some boujee resorts and decided we would have our tea in one of them. The resort was amazing and had a beautiful terrace set up for breakfast. We decided to stay and grab some drinks and food there, but we got extremely unlucky with out waiter. He really wanted us to go look at the buffet (we’re broke we knew there was no buffet even in the question) and we tried to make it clear that we were just going to order off the menu. Eventually he forced us to attend the world tour of the buffet, and you guessed it, it looked like a buffet. Sarah ran into a bit of an issue with the waiter as he wouldn’t allow her to order just one cup of tea but instead made her order a whole pot. She kept it civilized in front of the man, but I could tell she was not a happy camper about paying the extra fee. We finally got our orders in, I got some toast and an Americano, and Sarah got a pot of tea.



We stayed for a while chatting and exploring the gardens of the resort then decided to head over to the Hotel at the End of the Universe to check-in! We were a bit early, so we went to go sit and read on the patio and once again I fell asleep in the sun. Sarah woke me up when our room was ready, and we went down to our cute little wooden tent. It was so cozy, the colour was slightly unfortunate, but I would still classify the room as a vibe. Sarah went up to edit some pictures in the lobby and I set up shop on my towel to read some more. Surprise, surprise, I fell asleep in the sun again and got another MEGA sunburn. Apparently, you’re supposed to be careful at high altitudes because the sun is closer, as you can tell I was not informed of this. The sunburn is so bad that when I take my watch off, it looks like I’m still wearing it. I called it a day and went to go meet Sarah upstairs but when I turned around to pack my stuff up a random dog had taken my place. I got into a short but intense tug-o-war for the towel (I won) and went to find Sarah.



As I arrived on the patio the sun was beginning to set and golden hour had officially commenced. We hadn’t really eaten much since we skipped lunch, so we decided to order our appetizer right away and get a couple of drinks. We got aaloo ko achaar, which is like a spicy potato salad and it was SOOO GOOOOD! We enjoyed the remainder of the sunset on this rooftop temple in the back and talked about our bucket lists. We both decided it was pretty crazy that we were sitting there watching the sunset over the Himalayas. We then ordered our dinner and balled out and got two different curries to share, and two orders of paratha. After that we retired to our little tent house to find we had some guests who were not paying rent. Sarah boss-ladied her way around killing a spider, two prehistoric sized mosquitos, and one weird metallic bug. I just don’t have the stomach to do that, thankfully I have her. We watched Lady Bird and stopped it right before the sad bit at the end and called it an early night. This was one of my favourite days of the trip and one of the first times in awhile I really relaxed for a whole day. It had the perfect ending as we both were knocked-out and didn’t even think about the bugs in our tent house!


-       Sam

Samantha McLean