Nepal #12: But How Do You Really Feel??

Today we got up early and made our way over to the little café with the beautiful garden. We had a pretty chill morning because we were both pretty exhausted from our trip that weekend, so we just hung out there for a while and read our books and enjoyed some tea. We went back home for some lunch and more chill time until it was 3PM and then we headed over to the monastery.

Every time we walk into the monastery and ask the boys how they are, we get a chorus of “I am fine!”. We realized this was because this was the only response they knew. This inspired us to go over emotions, and Sarah even went as far as writing “Things you can say instead of fine:”, where she listed words like amazing, good, great, you get the picture. I couldn’t stop laughing when one of the monks asked me to check over his work and I realized he was using an ‘8’ instead of an ‘o’ for one of his words. Honestly, easy mistake, I always get my o’s and 8’s confused.

After the brief lessons on emotions and alternatives to the word fine, we headed out to the courtyard to start painting. The boys were so excited as we handed out the paper and began setting up the paint, we told them to paint their emotions, so they all painted the word happy, and then abandoned the prompt to paint the last airbender instead. I’m just assuming that means the airbender makes them happy.


 Everyone laid their pictures out to dry and Sarah’s favourite monk kept holding up a painting which I know he didn’t do. Even when the actual monk who did the painting came over to clarify that it was his, Sarah’s favourite monk continued to hold it up. So cute, maybe he was just proud of his friend’s work, or maybe he just genuinely couldn’t differentiate between his airbender painting and the other guy’s. We decided to take the paintings home with plans to hang them up on a string and display in the classroom later on in the week. After returning home to drop our stuff off we went to go walk around a bit to tire ourselves out. We ended up on a rooftop patio with an absolutely amazing view of the city. We were blessed with another round of dhal bhaat for dinner, and afterwards we turned on Slumdog Millionare and made it halfway through before calling it a night. Despite being a bit slower, it was another fantastic day in Kathmandu!

-       Sam

Samantha McLean