Nepal #3: Why Did The Foreign Girls Cross the Road?


Today was our first full day in Nepal and it was UNREAL! I woke up around 5:00 and then Sam woke up at 5:30 which we were psyched about considering we literally went to bed at 6 the night before. We read a bit and got our things ready for the day before going up for breakfast at 8. Breakfast today was pancakes with jam and Nepalese tea, which I think is just black tea but its really sweet and tastes so good that even Sam likes it, and she usually thinks tea tastes like urine.

 After breakfast we left the hostel and headed for Thamel which is the central area of Kathmandu. Even at 8:30 in the morning, the streets were absolutely wild. It took us a few minutes to gather the courage to complete our first solo street-crossing but we put our safety patroller training into action and marched across the road, and after that we were flying. Some interesting sights along the way were a goat on a leash, a cow walking fearlessly up literally the busiest road we have ever seen and a tragic excursion into a fish market which has led us to question the pescatarian diet. We also noticed that a lot of the men were walking around holding hands with each other, which we thought totally cute but a little unexpected. Later on we asked Phatima and she said that people here think its inappropriate for a man and a women to hold hands in public, so people just hold hands with their friends instead!! Sam hasn’t let go of my hand since we’ve arrived so its definitely a relief to know we aren’t being judged.


 We walked for about 45 minutes until we got into the main area of Kathmandu. First, we stopped at Durbar Square which is supposed to be a really beautiful and cultural area of the city, but we got chased down by a lady telling us that if we weren’t locals we had to pay to enter the square. Considered accusing her of racial profiling because how does she know that we aren’t from here???? But then I realized she had probably seen us trying to cross the road. 


So we decided against the square and walked a little further until we got into Thamel. This is definitely a more touristy area and there are a ton of stores selling trekking gear and Nepal souvenirs. We walked around for a bit and Sam bought some cute pants which look like kind of like Aritzia but 1/100th of the price. Then we headed to this place called the Garden of Dreams which is this really beautiful park right in the middle of the city. We napped on the grass just long enough for Sam to get a crispy sunburn and then at about 3pm we started to head home.

When we got back to the hostel we couldn’t understand why we were so tired, but then I checked my phone and we realized our little walk had been 17km. I never learned my lefts and rights so this is usually what happens when I’m head navigator. We sat down for a for a bit to rest our poor legs, and Bens came and chatted with us about Avengers until dinner. Dinner tonight was Dhal Bat and veggies again as well as this spicy tomato curry, sooo good. 

After dinner we went back to our rooms to shower, did some writing and looked at our photos before tucking ourselves into our sleeping bags before 7pm. 

- Sarah

Sarah Clark