Nepal #8: The Discipline Man


We woke up early this morning and began our daily trip up to monkey temple for coffee. Once we arrived at our little rooftop patio we ordered our drinks, the waitress hung around for awhile awkwardly asking questions. Eventually she got up and asked us to take a picture with her! It was so cute, she probably put it on Instagram and made fun of the fact that I kept ordering a cappuccino. I mean I get it, how often does a white girl hike up to monkey temple everyday for a week to get a cappuccino. We stayed on our rooftop for most of the morning, sitting in the sun and reading our books, until we felt like it was time for lunch. 

We returned home and ate lunch before heading over to the monastery. Today we planned to go over families. Mouse, lovingly nicknamed by his peers, is one of the baby monks. We realized that he does the funniest thing, where he looks up at me or Sarah and just spouts a whole sentence in Nepali. It makes me laugh when Sarah responds to him “I have no idea what you’re saying. I don’t speak that language”. It’s so cute because I figure it just means he really wants to talk to us, but just doesn’t quite grasp English enough to. 

While going over families we asked if any of the monks in the room were brothers. This was the best moment of the trip so far because we found out that mine and Sarah’s favourites were actually brothers!! It makes sense because both of them are incredibly hardworking. I was kind of curious as to why they always hung around each other despite an obvious gap in age. We drew out our family trees and the boys found the names of our siblings funny, makes sense, I can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the name John.


At the end we asked the boys to fill out their ages, the range of the class was 4 years old to 19 years old! This explains why when we asked them to draw out their family trees some of them gave detailed histories of their family and the 4 year old in the front opted out and decided to just draw a picture of him riding a dog. We didn’t have time to play because the ‘discipline monk’ was here today for their evening prayer. We decided to stay and watch again because this one was meant to be slightly shorter.The discipline monk was absolutely terrifying, he walked around with a beaded necklace, occasionally slapping it against his hand. Chancho told me that even the older monks listen to what he says, I believe it, I’m not even a Buddhist but if that man got mad at me you best believe I would poo my pants. Despite the discipline monk being there, I’d occasionally catch Mouse looking over at us and smiling. He’s so bold. I would look away because I was scared of the discipline monk, I have no idea where Mouse got that bravery from. At the end of prayer Sangay begged us to stay for dinner, but we decided to just head home instead. 

We ate dinner, and went to bed at the absolutely stunning hour of 9pm :)


Sarah Clark