Nepal #1: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

So after talking about it for year and doing not nearly enough planning, Sam and I are actually literally on our way to Nepal like right now. We’re currently on our second of three flights to Kathmandu, where we will be spending 3 weeks volunteering at a Buddhist monastery teaching English to baby monks. BABY MONKS!  We really have no idea what to expect about teaching in the monastery, or Nepal in general, but we’re SO so so excited for the next few weeks.

Thanks to some technical difficulties (partly the fault of Expedia but mostly our own incompetence), Sam and I ended up taking separate flights out of Calgary and met up in Toronto just before boarding our 15.5 hour flight to Guangzhou, China. We actually had messed up so bad that Sam was supposed to be on a separate flight to Guangzhou, which would have entailed a 16 hour layover alone in the largest airport in China. But motherly instincts (or panic? hey Katie, hey Gill) kicked in just in time, and thanks to frequent flyer points we managed change her onto the same flight as me from Canada to China. 

I didn’t fully realize until we boarded the plane that we’re totally going the wrong way around the world, and that flying out of Vancouver instead of Toronto would’ve saved us about 5 hours of our 35 total travel hours. But we’re poor students and this route saved us approximately $200, and that’s $2000 Nepalese Rupee which we’ve been told will be enough to cover all our living expenses for our whole trip which is so insane. Neoliberal Capitalism is real people.

Right now we’re about 4 hours out of Guangzhou, where we have a 3 hour layover before boarding the last 5-hour flight into Kathmandu. Once we land, we are going to be picked up by a man called Mr. Sujan who will take us to the hostel where we will be staying for our first weekend. Hopefully there will be some other volunteers staying in the hostel who might be able to show us around Kathmandu over the weekend before we move in with our home-stay on Monday for the rest of our stay. 

We aren’t completely sure how easy it’s going to be to find internet once we’re in Kathmandu, but we’re hoping to update this blog as much as we possibly can so stay tuned!! That’s all for now, because I’m half way through Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale and honestly it’s hard to think about anything else right now.


Sarah Clark